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We offer a full range of roofing services specialising in 3 layer High-Performance Felt & traditional Asphalt. We are happy to undertake both new work, or even strip-up and renewal. We also carry out major & minor repairs and are competent at slating and tiling.

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High Performance Felt

We will offer a Free quote on both Commercial & Domestic properties. Please use the Contact Us page and let us know your needs. There are different colours you can choose from:- Sand, Green, Blue/Grey, brown, Charcoal Features & Benefits Polyester reinforcement Lap security gives maximum resistance to wind uplift Superior bond strength with film selvedge Good lap security
Easy to cut with a sharp knife
20 year life expectancy when correctly installed and maintained



Slate roofs are a critical design feature of many historic buildings that cannot be duplicated using substitute materials. Slate roofs can, and should be, maintained and repaired to effectively extend their serviceable lives. When replacement is necessary, details contributing to the appearance of the roof should be retained. High quality slate is still available from reputable quarries and, while a significant investment, can be a cost effective solution over the long term. One of the most difficult parts of examining a tile roof is determining which part of the roof needs repairs, or if it needs to be entirely replaced. In most cases a new roof is not required. In fact, we rarely see a tile roof that needs to be replaced!
Our experience of over 30 years roofing gives us the professional expertise to make these kinds of decisions by doing a roof inspection. While weather-related damage poses the most impacting threat of damage to roofs, other factors, over time, will cause the roof to naturally wear. Whatever the case, there are many, many factors to consider.


All properties will at some stage require roof repairs. When that time comes, contact B & D Moore Roofing Contractors. B & D Moore Roofing Contractors can guide you on your roof repairs offering attractive, cost effective solutions. We carry out many type of repairs, from small Minor repairs to big major repairs.

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